Advantages Of Holiday Auto Detailing

The holiday season is here even if you’re not ready. Plans are being made and soon you’ll be driving near or far to celebrate. You know you will make time for a car wash and you’ve been debating on scheduling an auto detail or not. You might be wondering if you should have your vehicle detailed before or after your road trip and you are not alone! It is a frequently asked question and there’s no easy answer.


If you select to have your auto detail done before your road trip, you and your family will enjoy the happiness simply experiencing clean brings into our lives. We all almost magically feel better when our environment looks and smells good and is fresh and clean. Other people also notice if our vehicle is clean or dirty even when they are silent about it.

So, we know that It can be so rewarding to drive in a fresh, clean and shiny car that sparkles from top to bottom and is freshly vacuumed with the interior looking like it just left the showroom.

If you select to have your car detail done before your road trip, don’t ruin the fun by trying too hard to keep your vehicle spotless. Dirt is part of life and that’s why we offer many different programs so you can get the services you need as often as you need them without breaking the bank.

When you’re on that seven hour road trip to go “home for the holidays”, it’s hard to keep that vehicle clean despite your best efforts.


If you select to have your auto detail scheduled after you return home, you and your family will endure the accumulated dirt and grime that is already inside and you’ll unintentionally add to it during your road trip. On the exterior of the car, more dirt and grime will be added from normal use.

When you arrive back home, you know your car is a mess and you have no doubt that this vehicle has to be detailed soon. The interior has remnants of snacks which were enjoyed on the road trip along with the normal debris tracked in on everyone’s feet. Thankfully, we made it through the road trip without any major spills so the upholstery and carpet are free from obvious staining.


With the programs available, you can select a “lesser” detail and a “fuller” detail and get some type of auto detail done both BEFORE and AFTER your road trip. This might be the best option to get to enjoy clean both before, during and after the road trip.

Advantages of auto detailing:

  • Improves the interior and exterior of your vehicle
  • Helps you have a better trade-in or resell value if and when that time arrives
  • Everyone enjoys driving a vehicle that is clean
  • Gets the mud, grime, snow, salt or ice cleaned off as it can cause damage to your finish.
  • Maintain carpet and upholstery because our carpet and upholstery slowly gets dirty without us realizing how much is accumulating

Wetzone Car Wash offers a large variety of programs so you can keep your car washed. We also offer a variety of selections so you can choose the vehicle detailing that is cost effective and best for your lifestyle.

It is important not to neglect our vehicles in the winter, even after the holidays have passed. Your car needs washed and detailed in the winter, summer, spring and fall. We are here year round to help you keep your vehicle at its best, inside and out.

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