Dirty Windows, Mirrors And Lights Can Impact Driving Safety

We all are capable of procrastinating of some things from time to time. Of course depending on what that thing is we will experience a varying amount of pain when we do decide to complete it. When we finally deem something is important or urgent enough to do after procrastinating we may be rushed, inconvenienced or forced to put other important things on hold. When it comes to our vehicles there are people who drive with the least amount of gas they can have in the tank, which is alright until the person runs out of gas. We also commonly procrastinate when it comes time to get the oil changed, tires rotated and cleaning our vehicle. Is that really a good idea for us to procrastinate? Dirt and grime from the roads can damage the finish of our vehicle. The interior dirt, wear and tear can quickly lower the vehicle value.

Dirty windows, mirrors and lights can impair what we can see and impact our driving safety. It’s really important to keep your vehicle clean for safety reasons as well as helping it to maintain its value. At Wetzone Car Wash, we offer auto detailing to help you keep your vehicle shining on the outside and a clean enjoyable interior.

We also offer vehicle maintenance to help you enjoy your ride for longer. As part of our maintenance, we check and replace windshield wipers. We believe it is important to help you be able to keep your windows clean when they get splashed or after a rain and they have those annoying spots all over. Windshield wipers actually do not last for the life of a vehicle and they do have to be replaced. The better quality of wipers you have, the longer they will last. Proper maintenance of the wipers will also help them work better and last longer.

Since being able to see properly when driving is essential, we will make sure your windshield wipers are working and in good condition.

If you have procrastinated getting the vehicle cleaned, ask about our auto detailing. We have a variety of services available depending on your needs. If you have procrastinated it, we won’t judge you, we’ll simply help you get all the dirt and grime from the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It will be shining from end to end and you’ll be so impressed with the interior that you will almost be ready to take shoes off before you enter.

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