Finding Diversity At Wetzone Car Wash

 If you’re a customer in need of fleet services, we’re here for you. If you’re a parent who spends days working, transporting kids to and from and then adds in cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and playing catch up and the minivan is neglected, we’ll get it clean and enjoyable to spend so much time driving. If you’re the girl or guy who has a sweet ride, we’ll take care of that treasure for you and help you protect its finish and keep its value high. If you have a vehicle that you put some effort into it to keep it looking good but it’s really “just” your car, we can help you make it look great to help you make better first impressions.

We’re offer quality service choices to a diverse group of customers and vehicles. We offer a customer experience that is tailored to our customers needs with many different service options available.  If you are a customer looking for fleet car wash services, please contact us and let’s discuss how we can also create an experience that is tailored to your needs. We understand our customers, the importance of car washing whether it is one or a fleet of 500, and will consistently produce results of a clean and shiny automobile.

We have customers of all ages and with all different types of vehicles. We have customers from all different walks of life. We wash vehicles that are new, old and everything in between. We wash vehicles which are obviously our customer’s pride and joy and we see vehicles which are simply transportation from point A to point B. We wash vehicles that are kept extremely clean and we wash vehicles that look as if they are lived in full-time. We have customers that come to us for fleet services too. We understand each customer has different needs. We value each and every customer and vehicle we have the privilege of cleaning and treat each one as if it were one of our own. One thing for sure, no matter what the vehicle looks like when it arrives, each and every vehicle will leave sparkling, shiny and clean and each customer will look and feel better driving a clean ride.

Wetzone Car Wash offers a variety of full service car wash services to meet your needs. We offer three different packages with different prices and popular services. Our Deluxe package includes soft touch tunnel wash, interior vacuum, dusting and hand towel dry. Our Wheel Deal package adds a clear coat conditioner, triple foam wax, wheels and tires finished by hand. Our Wheels and Hot Wax package adds a hot wax and shine plus an underbody rust shield.

Wetzone Car Wash offers a Flex service car wash environment which means you get exactly the car wash package and type of clean you want. Our car wash is incredibly effective, diverse and happy to keep your ride clean. From the full service car wash to the auto detailing to the oil change, Wetzone Car Wash is committed to quality service.

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