Get Better Results On Trade-In Day

Do you enjoy keeping your automobile clean? Does it feel good to you to drive a clean vehicle? Does it frustrate you to drive a dirty or messy vehicle? If it doesn’t bother you, try getting it cleaned and feel the difference of your own mood and notice the difference in reception from other people. Like it or not, we’re a culture that still passes judgement.

When you visit the nearest car wash, we want you to feel proud of the decision you’ve made. Your decision to take care of your vehicle is admired. Smart people like you realize you’re protecting your investment. If you’re keeping your vehicle looking great, you are also making yourself look better. Believe it or not, we begin making judgements about people as they pull in a parking lot or our driveway. If they are driving a dirty car filled with clutter and even trash, we’re going to quickly form opinions and it could impact our interactions. Score points by letting the folks at Wetzone Car Wash help keep that vehicle shiny and clean.

We have three convenient locations so check out our website and visit our nearest car wash. Let us help you keep your car looking good during the week and not just on weekends. We do have an unlimited car wash club for smart people like you who want to keep your car looking great and not just for the weekend. While it’s great to have the car looking great for the weekend, it is also important to have it looking great for those unexpected and last minute events. The last thing you need to do when spontaneous events come up is make time for taking your car to the nearest car wash. It’s much better to establish a habit and routine of keeping the car clean and spot-free. This will help you not rely on the meteorologist being right or wrong and allow you to attend that last minute invitation without embarrassment of a dirty vehicle.

It’s people like you who realize the importance of keeping your automobile clean year round who will see big results on trade-in day. Our vehicles need to be clean in all the seasons, not just spring and summer.  Taking care of your vehicle year-round will help the paint finish look better longer. We know a clean and well maintained vehicle will also help you, the driver look better and even feel better.

Someday, when you decide to trade-in your vehicle, you’ll be rewarded. In the meantime, accept our thanks and know that we offer an unlimited car wash club to help smart people like you be rewarded for your great decision of keeping your car looking its best.

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