Help With Holiday Chaos

It’s not your imagination. The holidays are here again. That means between now and the end of the year you will be gathering with friends, loved ones, and co-workers to celebrate. Like most people, your celebrations probably include a large assortment of food, plenty of gifts, and good wishes for a happy and prosperous year ahead.

Wetzone Car Wash offers year-round car washes at affordable prices. You will enjoy taking your family and your favorite recipes anywhere with your fresh and clean vehicle. Some of you will be on the road while others will be racking up the miles in going from house to house right here!  No matter if your travels take you far away or if everyone is making their way back home to you, make sure your sled sparkles and shines by visiting the Wetzone Car Wash location near you.

Hosting an event

If everyone is coming to your home, then your to-do list is most likely even longer. No matter what you’re planning, there’s last minute shopping, getting yourself and your family ready to go or getting your home ready for guests. Even if you are hosting the big dinner, having a clean car to do all of the last minute errands in can help keep you sporting a better attitude.

Going there

Where will your vehicle be taking you, will it be hauling more people than usual or will it be hauling a variety of carefully prepared recipes to share with friends and family?  Your vehicle may not seem to be in the plans or on any list yet. We can help you be sure your car is road ready and clean to enjoy before, during and after the holidays.

You’ll feel better traveling with a shiny and clean interior and exterior. It is easy to neglect our vehicles especially this time of year.

Gift Cards

When your to-dos have you feeling overwhelmed, and your gift-giving list gets longer and longer year after year, it’s easy to “freak out” worrying about how it will all get done without overlooking someone or going broke. Put the chaos on pause, buy yourself some time and save money at the same time stocking up on Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards.

A recent study showed that over 35% of all people who receive gifts prefer getting a gift card instead of a specific item. Maybe that isn’t a good enough reason, and you’re still not sure a gift card to Wetzone Car Wash is such a great holiday gift idea.

Reasons why a Wetzone Car Wash Gift Card is perfect

  • Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards are the perfect stocking stuffer and valuable surprise for those unexpected guests that always seem to catch you off guard.
  • Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards are good year round leaving little doubt that just about anyone on your gift list with a car will be amazed at a thoughtful gift from a kind friend or coworker.
  • Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards come in a variety of price points. So buy a few extra for employees, contractors and service providers.
  • Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards are practical. People feel better when they drive a clean vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great to make someone feel better at least twice from one gift?
  • A Wetzone Car Wash Gift Card is great to have in your bag or wallet or under the tree for the unexpected gift that is handed to you. It’s a great way to be able to reciprocate a gift when you had no idea they were bringing you something!

So this holiday season, dial back the anxiety, let us help you control the holiday chaos, and give your friends and loved ones Wetzone Car Wash Gift Cards, a gift that you won’t have to worry about being returned because it’s the wrong color, size, or style.

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