How to Get a Great Deal at the Nearest Car Wash

When people are looking for the nearest car wash and trying to choose where to go, they generally want two things. The first and most important is to get their car completely clean. It’s never enjoyable to take your vehicle to a car wash, only to later discover that it didn’t get fully cleaned off. And second, people want to pay a fair amount to get their car washed.

So if you’re looking into the nearest car wash in Houston or Spring, TX and want to be sure that you can get a great deal on getting your car fully cleaned, we want to share several reasons why you can count on Wetzone Car Wash to make this happen:

Multiple Packages for Every Budget

At the core of our ability to provide great deals on getting your car washed is the fact we offer multiple car wash packages. This applies to both Express and Full Service car washes. Our Express packages start at just $6 for a great wash. With that package, you get a soft cloth tunnel wash, spot free rinse and turbo air dry. For just a little more, you can add things like in-tunnel wheel cleaner or underbody wash by upgrading to one of our other Express packages.

If you prefer getting a Full Service car wash, you’ll be glad to know that our packages in this category start at just $12. After a soft touch tunnel wash, your car will get an interior vacuum, followed by a dust of the console, dash & cup holders. This package is finished off with a hand towel dry. For just a little extra, you can get The Wheel Deal or Wheels & Hot Wax package. These Full Service packages include clear coat conditioner, triple foam wax and underbody rust shield.

Nearest Car Wash Coupons Available

While we’re proud of the fact that we offer affordable base prices for all of our services, we enjoy rewarding new and existing customers with coupons. That’s why you should regularly visit our car wash coupon page to see what we’re offering. Doing so will allow you to save even more on our car wash and detail services.

Save Big By Bundling or Going Unlimited

Speaking of detail services, if you need any for your vehicle, we make it easy to save even more on our already great prices by bundling. Simply choose two or more auto detail services at the same time to save between $19 and $49!

In addition to bundling to save on auto detailing, we make it easy to save on car washes with our Unlimited Car Wash Club. You simply choose which of our five monthly plans you want to join, and then you’ll be able to bring your car in for a wash as often as you like. This means that regardless of how many times your vehicle gets dirty throughout the month, you’ll only need to pay a single, flat fee to always be able to get it completely clean again.

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