Keeping It Clean

There isn’t anything that compares to the feeling and scent of a freshly cleaned vehicle.

Our cars are counted on nearly every day for numerous commutes. They endure bad weather, dust, dirt, insects and then there’s the dog and children who don’t exactly help keep the vehicle clean yet. Our vehicles can quickly look dirty and not well maintained if we don’t promptly remove trash which can cause odors, clean up spills which can cause stains and remove the piles of items the children seem to hide.

Wetzone Car Wash offers a variety of packages so you can schedule regular car washes and auto detailing to fit your lifestyle and budget. Adding caring for your car on the inside and out on a routine basis is going to help you enjoy a better commute and of course, look and feel better while you drive around near or far. Driving a clean car also enables you to make a great impression and not to mention, it helps vehicles of all ages look good! Most importantly, keeping your car well maintained will help its trade-in value if you ever decide to get a new vehicle.

Your vehicle is a significant investment and when we don’t take care of them, it’s value can suffer. While doing regular maintenance is vital to the life of your car, so is keeping it clean. Auto detailing will help you take care of the upholstery, leather, carpet and general appearance of the interior. Car washes and auto detailing also enables you to protect the vital paint finish and general appearance of the exterior of your vehicle. Your vehicle will have a longer life with a well cared for interior, exterior and mechanical system.

Additionally, it is also safer to drive a clean vehicle as it gives you better visibility. It gets difficult to see out of windows or mirrors that have dust, dirt or even mud on them.

Car Care Tips:

  • Don’t forget the engine!
  • Change oil regularly and as recommended
  • Keep the car clean in the winter too!
  • Ask about a protective wax finish
  • Don’t forget about your tires!
  • Get car washes routinely
  • Schedule auto detailing services

When you care for your vehicle on a regular basis and keep up with the necessary maintenance, you can eliminate or decrease the amount of repairs and maintenance needed.

Driving a clean car is healthy for your car, your body, and your attitude. Enjoy taking pride in your vehicle by keeping it maintained and spotless – inside and out.

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