Take The Vehicle in “As Is”

Car detailing will restore depth, shine and a rich gloss on your vehicle’s finish. It will help protect your vehicle’s finish from summer elements such as UV rays.

When you decide car detailing is right for your vehicle, the interior of your vehicle will be meticulously cleaned. Carpets and upholstery are vacuumed. Windows will be cleaner than you remember seeing them in a long time. The dashboard, door jambs, ashtray, air vents and all of those other nooks and crannies will be dust, dirt and debris free.

We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning in our car detailing packages. Spots on your carpet are treated with a special spot remover and then a foam shampoo is applied. The carpet is then scrubbed and re-vacuumed to remove dirt and water.

Your vehicle is going to look and smell great when you pick it up after a car detailing service.

Our car detailing provides an inside and out and a top to bottom clean. It gives your vehicle that “show room” look which we all love. Your vehicle will be clean and shining and you’ll have pride in driving it anywhere.

Part 1 – Recent Story From Customer

We recently scheduled our vehicle to be detailed because it is a mess and we just don’t have time to dig in and do it ourselves. We would also have to go buy a bunch of supplies which would be as expensive as having the professionals take care of it for us. Then we’d be stuck finding a safe place and the space to store the car detailing items. So, before the big day of the car detailing appointment, of course, we had to remove items from the vehicle as we couldn’t leave it filled with my pens, papers, notebooks or the kids extra clothes, soccer ball, baseball bats and other miscellaneous toys. As we’re removing toys, I notice jelly beans under a car seat I had removed. I grab the vacuum and I began cleaning out the car and my husband said, I thought you were getting this detailed. I had to stop cleaning and take my dirty vehicle in “as is”. 

Part 2 – Recent story from customer

Our vehicle looked so great when we picked it up. It felt so good to see clean upholstery, clean carpets and all the nooks and crannies not having grime in them! We keep our vehicle clean with unlimited car washes but need to have the car detailing done more often. It feels so great to be driving a vehicle that is clean inside and out. Our vehicle is used a lot and next time, I won’t wait so long before scheduling the car detailing appointment.

Wetzone Car Wash offers packages and bundles to save you money and meet your car detailing needs.

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