5 Things to Remember Before Going on a Road Trip

Did you just decide to go on a road trip out of the blue? We are sure it’s going to be awesome, and hope you enjoy quality time together.

Taking a road trip is so much more fun than going by plane because you get to stop whenever and wherever you want. You are in control of who is with you too.

Successful Road Trip Tips
There are a few things that you need to do before going on the road trip:

1. Get a Car Wash

Take out all the empty wrappers, containers, and trash out of your car and check. Stop by the Wetzone Car Wash nearby so you take off on the adventure driving a clean car. The professional team will get you off to a great start so you can enjoy a clean car as you travel. During the road trip, do the same thing every evening because you’ll be enjoying snacks as you travel. Treats are just part of a road trip and your vehicle will get dirty. Your goal while enjoying your road trip is to simply keep your vehicle presentable.

2. Have the car maintenance completed

Make sure your car is in tip top shape and ready for the road trip. Wetzone Car Wash provides auto and lube services for your convenience. Proper maintenance is important to help prevent unwelcome breakdowns.

3. Trouble spots

Make sure you consider time and traffic levels before leaving on your road trip. For example, don’t cross the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge during peak hours and don’t be in a hurry if you’re traveling by car on a holiday weekend. There’s lots of cities that seem to always have those orange cones and barrels, construction speeds and slow traffic. Keep all of that in mind so you don’t get stressed as you enjoy traveling in your clean car.

4. Share responsibilities

Let everyone participate in the road trip in whatever way they can. For younger passengers, let them pass out the snacks or drinks and decide on the next game. For older travelers, let them help you navigate, find good stopping destinations, and for mature passengers, let them help you drive and keep the car clean!

5. Keep your documents safe

If all of you will be alternating driving the car, make sure your licenses aren’t expired and carry your insurance card. You don’t want to be pulled over and not have your license or proof of insurance. Drive safely, keep the car as clean as possible on the inside and pay attention to the varying speed limits as you enjoy your road trip together.

Preparing for the road trip really does help things go smoother even when things do not go as planned. After you get back from your road trip, contact Wetzone Car Wash and schedule your auto detail service so you can hold onto the memories of the road trip and not the mess.

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