Top Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Most of the car owners are always concerned about the appearance of their car. Maybe you visit the car wash nearby frequently to keep the exterior of your car washed each week. Sometimes, you even visit twice a week because you like the shine and keeping it looking as good as new all the time. However, many of us neglect using the professionals to help us maintain and keep the interior clean.

In between having your car detailed, there’s some things you can do to maintain the interior of your car. This can help add value to your vehicle if you decide to trade it in or sell it someday.

The Top Car Cleaning Tips for You

The interior of your car is as relevant as the exterior. It can quickly become a dirt and germ filled environment without being given some attention. Here are some of the top tips to keep the interior of your car clean.

Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are the first step to having a clean car. They hold the mud and dirt from your shoes which protects the floors of your car from dirt and stains. There are fabric and rubber floor mats available. Keeping either type of floor mat clean is also important. They will need to be removed and vacuumed.  Rubber floor mats can be sprayed with water to help thoroughly clean them.

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Keep Bags For Trash

One way to reuse the plastic bags from the grocery store is to keep them in your car and use them as small trash bags. You can also buy small garbage bags or use a reusable trash container to be environmentally friendly as you keep your car looking its best. Most of us will frequently drink in our vehicles and occasionally eat in our vehicles. We also entertain children by distributing food while they ride. When we do decide to eat and drink in our vehicle, it can quickly add crumbs and spills. It also means trash. It is helpful to always have a designated place to gather any trash in the vehicle. If you are using bags, they might be able to be conveniently stored in your glove compartment.

Use Wet Wipes

With the way we count on our cars so often, our hands are sometimes adding more dirt to our dashboard. Wet wipes can conveniently clean up quick sticky or grimey accidents that happen in the car. This doesn’t require a lot of time and can be done while waiting in a drive-thru or picking up the kids. Wet wipes are also convenient when you have been eating in your car and cleaning up the crumbs.

Utilize The Trunk

Keeping all the accessories of your vehicle organized and in an assigned place makes it appear a lot cleaner. You can keep your cleaning supplies, an extra pair of clothes, some food, or whatever you feel is a “must have” item for your car in the trunk. This can keep your vehicle uncluttered and much neater looking.

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Odor Eliminators

With the way most of us count on our cars for so many hours each week, odors are going to accumulate. That’s why it is important to have the interior of your car professionally cleaned frequently and to schedule routine auto detailing services at least a couple times a year. Using odor eliminators are not absolutely necessary for any visible dirt or messes in your vehicle, nonetheless, the should be part of your vehicle. You can even add an air freshener which might just motivate you to keep your car a little bit more clean inside. Odor eliminators will take away any bad odor from your car while an air freshener will keep you from noticing the bad odor.

Wetzone Car Wash has three convenient locations to help you keep the interior and exterior of your car clean. There’s multiple packages so you can select the perfect plan to keep you car looking great all year.

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