How to Remove Sprinkler Water Spots – Local Car Wash Tips!

Everyone wants a car that looks beautiful and shiny – which is why it’s so important to know a good place to get a local car wash. Keeping your car clean makes it look newer, which in turn boosts your confidence, helps you to make the best first impression, and makes journeys more enjoyable and rewarding.

You’ve heard the expression “dress for the job you want.” This saying reminds us that by looking the part, we can feel the part.

And by feeling the part, we end up getting what we want out of life!

The same is true for your car. If you drive around in something that hasn’t been washed in months, then you’re sending the wrong message to yourself and others.

That’s why it’s so important to either wash your car yourself regularly, or to find a local car wash if you’re someone who is pushed for time/doesn’t have the inclination to spend hours everyday cleaning.

The Benefits of a Local Car Wash – No Sprinkler Water Spots!

What’s really frustrating though, is when you put in the time and effort to wash your car frequently, and you still have to deal with a car that looks unclean. When you clean your vehicle thoroughly but don’t manage to get the results you want… that’s what can be truly disheartening.

And this often happens when it comes to water spots.

Have you ever spent an afternoon in the sun scrubbing your car, only to find that it’s covered in translucent marks? These are called “water marks” and what makes them so frustrating is that they make a car look dirty, when all you tried to do was clean it!

Water marks are left behind when you wash a car but don’t remove all the water afterward. You have removed all of the dirt and the grime, but the marks are the result of the actual water itself which can be just as unsightly.

What are watermarks? They caused by many different elements that are found inside the water. For example, this might include the limescale (mineral deposits) that exist in tap water. If you washed the car yourself instead of going to a local car wash, then chances are that you’ll have used a bucket full of tap water – and this presents a problem.

Even when the water is clean, watermarks can come from the dirt and grime that gets picked up while you do the cleaning.

So, what can you do about them?

The first and best advice is to avoid letting watermarks appear in the first place. The best way to do this, is to make sure to use a professional local car wash. They will go through every step necessary to ensure that you definitely don’t end up with ugly watermarks.

If you use a local car wash that is automated, then you should pay for the higher quality cleans. These will not only wash the car, but also dry them and perform an air dry. Some even add wax at the end for a truly shiny and glossy finish. What’s more, is that by using a sealant or a wax, the best local car wash will also help to prevent future water spots left by subsequent cleans and even the rain!

If you clean your car yourself, then you should always be sure to rub it down afterward with a dry cloth – and to treat this as being just as important as every other aspect of the wash!

Fixing a Bad Wash

If the damage is already done and your car is currently covered in watermarks, then you can undo this by using giving your car another wash. The best way? Take it to a local car wash and this time make sure you choose a good one!

Otherwise, you can give your car a second wash yourself, and then make absolutely certain that you dry the car down as much as possible.

Something that can really help if you do decide to try and deal with the watermarks is to use a diluted vinegar solution. Make sure that you only use a small amount of vinegar along with lots of water to dilute it – you don’t want to damage your paint job!

This works really well though, as the vinegar can help to break down magnesium and calcium – two of the deposits that get left behind when you wash a car yourself.

Another option is to try and use a detailing clay. This has a resin material that will help to dislodge any sediments that are left on the car.

When applying these products, it is always best to apply gentle pressure. Push too hard and you could end up damaging the paint job if a small stone gets trapped in between. Again then, our best advice is to turn to the pros and use a high quality local car wash!

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