Are Car Washes Safe For All Cars?

Our vehicles experience wear and tear and regular car washes help slow down rust and corrosion on exposed metal surfaces. Bugs, tar and caked on mud will also harm the paint of your vehicle over time if not scrubbed away. These things all hurt the appearance of any car. We care about you and your vehicle and here are some tips to make your trip to our tunnel car wash even better.

Wetzone Car Wash

Our tunnel is designed to be extra long, so the gentile and quality soaps used have time to work. You can count on us to provide you with a well maintained, modern car wash using the latest technology and pure water for the best outcome for your vehicle surface and paint finish.

The new technologies and industry practices have advanced car wash design, and car washes are safer and more efficient than they use to be.

Car Wash Concerns


Our water is purified, and even though we are environmentally conscious, the water touching your vehicle is free from particles. Vehicles also receive a spot free rinse which helps your vehicle look even better. The water we use is safer for your paint finish than the city water or well water you may use at home on your car.

Wetzone Car Wash


Wetzone Car Wash uses the iconic Simoniz car wash products which are formulated for optimal performance. Products are applied in the correct dilution at the right time and the right temperature. We know their products work well and it is another way we serve our clients to deliver a consistently clean vehicle with every car wash visit.


If you are concerned about the brushes, the materials are specifically created, so they do not pick up or hold grit, sand, or dirt. They are also primed, spin carefully and remove the human element of making a mistake.

Preventing damage to your vehicle
● Lower retractable antennas or take the time to remove the antenna.
● Push side mirrors in
● Remove anything inside a truck bed
● Remove rooftop cargo, bike racks, any other attachable racks
● Close all windows tight
● Make sure windows and doors if children or pets are inside
● Don’t use an automatic car wash on damaged vehicles.

Wetzone Car Wash

Visit the professionals

Visit the Wetzone Car Wash nearby and let us keep the offending elements scrubbed off to help you protect the paint on your vehicle. We are passionate about providing you with a clean car. It is a significant investment, and we want to help you protect your investment and enjoy driving the cleanest car possible while saving you time, energy, and money.

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