Automatic Car Wash Is Best

Have you ever taken your children to the car wash just to entertain them for a few minutes? Do they ever ask to go to the car wash because they just love the extra long tunnel at Wetzone Car Wash? For some of us, frequent car washes are part of our life, and many of us have even started purchasing unlimited car washes so you can always keep your vehicle clean.

While entertaining the kids is a fantastic thing to do, there are also other reasons why visiting the car wash on a regular basis is important. Keeping your car clean is a great way to help maintain your vehicle and take good care of it.

Caring for your vehicle’s finish

Did you know that dirt can damage the paint finish? The dirt, dust, smashed bugs, and the bird feces all need to be washed off of your vehicle on a regular basis. Preventing damage to the paint of your car is necessary and regular car washes is a great way to help. Leaving the debris sit on your vehicle can damage the paint finish.

We rely on our vehicle to take us from Point A to Point B and it is easy to neglect it. When we keep our car clean and shiny, it can improve our confidence. Even an older vehicle can look good as washing away dirt and adding some shine will improve even an aging car’s appearance  Keeping your vehicle clean will help you enjoy your car longer and feel more positive about it too.

We all love to save money and do many DIY projects. However, a car wash shouldn’t be one of them. Many people who enjoy driving a clean vehicle consider washing their car in the driveway. It can actually be harmful to your automobile’s finish. Automatic car washing is a more effective way to preserve your car finish.

University Of Texas Car Washing Tests

The International Carwash Association through a special Carwash Research Foundation Grant to the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, has conducted extensive car washing tests to determine the effect on car finishes. These tests compare various car washing techniques including the professional car washing to the driveway car washing with a bucket and sponge.

Household garden hoses do not have the pressure necessary to eliminate all of the detergent residue from the car’s finish. It’s also difficult to know which cleaning product and supplies to select to clean your car and protect the finish.

The Texas University tests, showed automatic car washing to be much more effective than diy driveway car washing.

Additionally, it is better for the environment to use a professional car wash. Wetzone Car Wash is environmentally responsible, and when we wash our vehicles in our driveways, we are letting harmful substances be disposed of improperly.

Visit the nearest car wash today and let the team at Wetzone Car Wash help you take care of your vehicle.

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