Everything You Need to Know About a Car Wash Service

A car wash service is more than just adding a shine to your vehicle. A full-service car wash provides a thorough cleansing to both the inside and the outside of your car. It is a detailed experience that combines both efficiency and value for money. It is an excellent experience because of how it leaves you feeling to ride in and drive a shiny car.

If you’re planning to get a car wash, here’s everything you need to know about selecting a car wash service.

Wetzone Car Wash

Hand Car Wash
Wetzone Car Wash offers a full-service car wash service and a hand car wash. This hand car wash option is a comprehensive car wash service which will include using special cleaners for the wheels. The hand car wash service also involves opening the doors and cleaning the jambs as it doesn’t get cleaned in an automated car wash. A hand car wash is an excellent option to get the hidden dirt off your car. Consider selecting a hand car wash for an even more detailed clean.

Value of A Full-Service Car Wash
Selecting a full-service car wash service can be more expensive because of the attention to detail involved in cleaning your vehicle. Wetzone Car Wash offers customized plans so you can choose what works best for your vehicle and budget from the available options.

A car wash service proves its value. As mentioned previously, driving a clean car can make you feel better, and it also helps protect your investment. Feeling better and improving the trade in value of your vehicle makes it a winning investment.

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash Service
We believe in doing our part by being responsible and caring about the environment. It is considered through each step of the car wash from the high efficient equipment used, the amount of water used and recycled, and the products used on your vehicle.

Car Wash Service Provided
It is rewarding to treat other peoples vehicles as we treat our own. We take pride in treating you and your car well. We provide excellent customer service to you. We also offer excellent service to your vehicle. We use up-to-date equipment which is efficient and provides a high-quality car wash. We keep your time in mind along with making sure all services are consistent and quality controlled.

Wetzone Car Wash

We provide you with a clean vehicle that is shiny on the outside, clean on the inside and comfortable to drive. You and your car look better as you leave which gives you a great reason to be part of the unlimited car wash club and visit as frequently as you need.

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