It’s In The Details; How A Car Wash Or Car Detailing Can Make A Bigger Difference?

Car detailing is a great service to take advantage of as it will make your vehicle look and feel so much better. We take pride in our work and we invest time and attention to detail in each and every car detail service we perform. It helps rejuvenate the paint surfaces, carpet and upholstery surfaces to bring back some cosmetic shine and cleanliness.

Car washing cleans your vehicle by removing dirt. It’s a great step and it helps maintain your car. However, there is a lot of normal dirt and dust that occurs as we use our vehicles daily and this can pile up and make our vehicle lose that shine and appearance it once had. Car detailing can help restore your vehicle to its near showroom appearance.

Car detailing will help the exterior and interior of your vehicle. The exterior will be clean and shine. Your chrome trim and windows will be thoroughly cleaned and sparkling. Your tires and wheels will be cleaned and looking their best. The dullness of your paint will be gone. There will not be any water spots on your vehicle. A deep cleaning will be completed on the interior of your vehicle. Odors will be removed. The carpet, floor mats, upholstery and all the vinyl/leather/plastic components will be dirt and dust free. Some stains can be removed.

Could washing your car or detailing your car actually make a bigger difference?

There are any number of studies going back 50 years or more that show how a clean environment at work and in your home positively impact several aspects of your health and life perspective. Wouldn’t it just make perfect sense that regularly going to a car wash or car detailing would also deliver some emotional, psychological or sensed boost for the person driving a car that has been regularly washed?

Think about it…

A detailed car says something to those who see it. It projects a confidence to a potential client. To a neighbor or extended family member it conveys a sense of detail, trust, well being and safety. For your family members it represents comforts, peace and calm from whatever chaos is outside the doors.

After you have car detailing completed, your car will look even better each time you take it to the car wash. You can continue to use and enjoy your vehicle, take the road trips, visit the drive-thru, take the dog along, give the kids snacks on the road trips and know that we are here and ready to help you with your car wash and car detailing. Using the car wash weekly or biweekly and using the car detailing at least a few times a year is going to help you enjoy driving a great looking vehicle while doing the best you can to maintain its resale value.

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