Spring Fever Road Trip

It’s warm, the dreary days of winter are a memory and that means before long it’s going to be road trip time! Some want to call it spring fever because when you drive to the mall or market you’ll undoubtedly see others driving with their windows down complete with arms hanging outside or riding the wave of the wind as they drive. The freedom of a road trip is amazing. Suddenly there’s a feeling of freedom and along every mile of the way there will be “THAT SONG” that perfectly matches the way you’re feeling going down the road. From here on out, every time you hear that song you will be magically transported back to a place and time and the smile that comes to your face will be the evidence of the good times you have had on your road trip.

Before we can experience all those good times and a lifetime full of smiles we have to be “GROWN UP” and make certain that before we hit the road, our car, truck or van is in tip top shape. That means making sure the oil is changed, the tires are in good shape and the windows are clear and clean of any debris.

Late Spring and Early Summer represent that time of year when we deep cleanse our homes of the dust, stuffiness and stagnant air.

Why not take the same approach with our vehicles?

During the winter months we all tend to carry around a few extra things in the car that we just don’t need in the Spring and Summer.  So now is the perfect time to get rid of all of those bulky items such as gloves, hats, coats and the ice scraper. With all those items put back in storage until the fall we now have room for the really important items we want in our car like golf clubs, lawn chairs and coolers full of all kinds of goodies.

When spring fever hits, sure, the household cleaning and maintenance gets done but have you thought about car detailing? Get that off the showroom floor feeling before you begin your road trip. The floor mats will be clean, the carpet, those hard to reach areas filled with dust and dirt – car detailing will make your car look new again. Be ready to enjoy spring fever with a shiny clean car which will help keep the resale value high.

Now that you have the oil changed, necessary maintenance completed and the car detailing finished, it’s time to plan your spring fever road trip. Plan your trip, be safe and have fun!

Spring is here – ready or not!

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