What Type Is Your Valentine?

High Maintenance or Low Maintenance

Valentine Day

Consider giving a gift of love with car washes, oil changes or even an auto detail. This is a practical gift for the Valentine that takes pride in their vehicle.

As you search for the absolutely perfect gift for the Valentine in your life, keep in mind we have gift certificates available and this could be a great gift for some Valentine’s who LOVE their vehicles.

Types of Valentine’s:

●    High maintenance and worth it!
●    Not demanding, low maintenance!

Despite the type of Valentine who has a piece of your heart, you love and cherish this Valentine and want to do great things to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Maybe you’re planning a special dinner, flowers, or chocolate however, you just aren’t feeling too excited about it. Would they appreciate a different kind of gift?

Most of the time, our vehicles are low maintenance and not demanding. As long as it has gasoline and regular oil changes, your car is typically there for you, getting you everywhere you want and need to go.

For some of us, we may decide to start a brand new tradition this Valentine’s Day. We’re doing this  by giving our own vehicles a bit of love with some extra care. Giving a gift of basic maintenance, an oil change, unlimited car washes or a car detail is a perfect gift for the vehicle that keeps you going.

Without your car, think of all the things you couldn’t do, would miss out on and couldn’t make happen. A neglected car will cost you money with emergency repair work too and it can have a lower trade in or resale value. Frequent car washes and taking good care of your vehicle can enhance and extend your relationship with your car.

Valentine’s Day TLC gifts for your vehicle
(or your practical Valentine who treasures their car!):

  • Wetzone Car Wash Gift Card
  • Unlimited Car Washes
  • Auto Detailing
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment
  • Schedule regular oil changes now. Get them on the calendar because periodic oil and filter changes keep your engine clean on the inside.

Make a Valentine’s Day gift for your car an annual tradition, a time to celebrate your car and your relationship with it. While your car needs year round care, remembering to pamper it on Valentine’s Day is one way to help keep your car in its best shape.

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