About Car Detailing

One of the most important things to do when scheduling your auto detailing service is to communicate everything you want so we can help you select the best auto detailing service for your needs. We will help you thoroughly understand the many options available as you select a car detailing service that is right for your needs. We offer options because not everyone needs or desires the same services.

Schedule an appointment

Because of the time it takes to provide a clean car, auto detailing needs to have a scheduled appointment. This helps assure that your vehicle receives all of the attention it needs. It is a cleaning process with lots of attention to details which takes some time depending on the auto detail service and option you selected.

Wetzone Car Wash offers a full range of auto detailing services to provide each of our customers with the perfect quality service desired.

Good investment

The amount of money you invest to have your auto detailing service performed will provide you with an excellent return on investment. A well-maintained car not only looks better but also holds a better value when it is time to trade it in or sell it privately. If you have a car detailing service completed before selling your vehicle, it is going to help it sell quicker and for a higher price.

Feel better

You’ll even have a better morale when you get to drive and enjoy a car that has been professionally detailed. There’s something about a vehicle that is clean on the inside and outside that simply improves your mood.

Why not DIY?

When you decide to let the professionals do auto detailing, it helps keep your vehicle in excellent condition on the inside and out. It helps keep dirt from getting ground in, and it also helps eliminate stains. Car detailing will keep your upholstery clean, and odors won’t accumulate so quickly. Most people do not own the tools, equipment and supplies or have the knowledge necessary to safely and properly thoroughly detail their own vehicles.

Auto detailing is an in-depth cleaning process which relies on trained professionals doing hard work with close attention to detail. The team at Wetzone Car Wash knows what to look for and how not to overlook the often missed dust, dirt, and grime as they detail vehicles.

A clean car

Enjoy driving your clean and shiny car on short and long trips. The interior will be spotless as well as the outside. A clean car can help you look better and have a better image. Driving a dirty vehicle with stained upholstery can just make you feel down. Driving a clean vehicle also makes a good impression. It doesn’t even matter how old your car is; people will notice how well maintained it is.

The team at Wetzone Car Wash provides quality service every time you visit. You can expect consistency and excellent customer service. Call us to schedule your appointment for a car detailing service.

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