At Wetzone Car wash, we are passionate about car washing. We understand your automobile is a big investment. We are all keeping our vehicles longer which means we need to work harder at taking better care of them. One way to do that is to have frequent car washes.

We also care about our customers and offer a variety of services and packages to meet each individual’s unique car washing needs. This provides you with an affordable way to protect your vehicle’s appearance, the life of your automobile and its overall value a little bit easier.


Our staff is fully trained and we’ve been in the car wash industry for many years. We take pride in delivering our customers the shiniest and cleanest car possible consistently.

We proudly use Simoniz Simoniz® products, who have been the gold standard in automotive care since the early 1900’s. Our water is softened so the cleaning solutions work even better. We use a spot-free rinse to leave your automobile sparkling.


Our sophisticated equipment applies the cleaning solutions and polishes at just the right time and at the right temperature. The dilutions and chemistry of cleaning your car is controlled so you get the best clean each time. Our equipment is state of the art, in excellent condition and is also very well maintained.

We have a tunnel car wash which is almost as long as a football field. It is super long providing your automobile with the best wash possible. A tunnel car wash loads your vehicle onto a conveyor and guides it through a series of detergent applications, car wash equipment and a rinse and blower system. This super long car wash tunnel gives the chemicals longer to work and your vehicle is cleaned from top to bottom, even the wheels. Each vehicle is dried three times so you are left with a streak free, spot free, shiny and clean automobile. We take pride in our procedures and actually begin spraying tough spots before you enter the tunnel. Everything we do is done with our best efforts and with the outcome being consistency as you need to leave Wetzone Car Wash every single time with a shiny and clean automobile.

Commercial car washes also help to protect the environment much better than washing a car at home.. Our practices are  environmentally friendly whenever possible.


We deliver a clean and sparkling car at the end of the car wash which makes you look better and even feel better as you know you’re taking care of your investment while making a good impression.

Wetzone Car Wash can save you time and money! Frequent car washing makes you feel good and all of your best efforts pay off at trade-in time.

Get it clean by the professionals at Wetzone Car Wash!


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