How Dirty Is My Car?

You wouldn’t dream of letting dirt and debris build up on your carpet or furniture in your home would you? Now answer this, when is the last time your upholstery and carpet was cleaned in your vehicle? Sure, maybe there haven’t been any major catastrophes to damage your car’s carpet or upholstery but it just might be time for auto detailing so you can get the upholstery and carpets cleaned!

The carpet and upholstery is in our vehicle to make our rides and road trips more comfortable. We even add floor mats which catch and hold a lot of dirt, grime and germs. The carpet and upholstery is a porous material trapping a lot of dirt, grime and germs. A lot of the dirt and grime becomes difficult to remove or impossible to remove stains.

It’s easy to put off taking the time for auto detailing, yet it is important. Can you imagine how many germs are living in your vehicle? It doesn’t matter how clean we try to be, the dirt, grime and germs still get in there and we still need auto detailing on a routine basis.

So, just how dirty can our carpets and upholstery in our vehicles get? Has someone been riding in your vehicle ill? The flu bug can live for nearly a month inside your vehicle … providing you with the opportunity to catch it! Have you taken your dog to the dog park or on a hike? We don’t even want to know what the dog is tracking in on her paws! It could be E-coli which can sometimes make you sick. How often are you telling your kiddo to “get his finger out of his nose”? Do you know what lives in human noses? -Staph – a bacteria which can cause infections and skin problems. Those same fingers are touching the upholstery … and even the carpet as items are picked up off the floor.

It’s just disgusting to think about what can be harbored on the carpets and upholstery! Just in case you’re not totally and completely grossed out yet … there’s more …

Dust mites can also be enjoying and thriving on the upholstery and carpet in your vehicle. We’ve even heard that bed bugs can survive there too. Dust mites are a common allergen and can cause some super uncomfortable symptoms. Bed bugs actually bite and can cause big problems.

Professional auto detailing is really a great benefit and needs to be scheduled and used more routinely.  When we think about the dirt, grime and germs living on our carpets and upholstery inside our vehicles, it can help us all realize that taking time and investing the money into auto detailing is important for our health, cleanliness, appearance and comfort as well as for the resale value of our vehicle.

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