Managing A Fleet Of Vehicles?

Are you managing a fleet of vehicles? Well, sometimes it may feel that way even if you are only caring for the vehicles in your family. We do have unlimited car washes and we offer family plans to save you money on your multiple vehicles. This helps you provide car washes for all of your vehicles.

What is a fleet?

A fleet is a group of vehicles owned by one company, group or organization. These are sometimes a business that uses vehicles for making deliveries, traveling to a clients’ home or office, carrying equipment or doing sales. Often, these companies need several cars or vans to meet their needs and it saves them money to own and service them.

A company with a fleet of vehicles knows the importance of keeping their vehicles well maintained. They often receive a discount when they purchase their vehicles and there is usually one person, titled a fleet manager who manages the fleet. They need to keep up on things such as insurance, gas, oil, maintenance, license fees, regular tune-ups and even car washes. As you can imagine, managing a fleet of vehicles takes a lot of organization, attention to detail, effort and paperwork.

These are sometimes the vehicles you see on the road with a company logo, image or contact information on them. Sometimes they have no company information on them yet they are a company provided car that the company maintains.

Fleet service available:

Did you know that Wetzone Car Wash offers quality car wash, oil and lube services and for your company’s vehicle fleet? Wetzone Car Wash helps keep your fleet clean and maintained.

For our fleet customers, we offer:
● Options and flexibility
● Monthly billing
● Detailed statements
● Volume discounts

Wetzone Car Wash provides solutions with less stress. We offer a fleet plan that addresses your company’s needs. It’s not a one size fits all plan that we try to make work for you. We provide services for small, medium and large fleets. You have options and flexibility as you set up a fleet program that is perfect for your company’s vehicle fleet. We understand some businesses need more than once weekly while some need weekly service and others need monthly service. When we are servicing your company’s fleet, we focus on it as if each vehicle were our own.

We understand that you are searching for ways to save money and keep your company’s vehicle fleet in excellent condition. The regular commuting endured can have an impact on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. We’re here to help you care for your fleet for the long-term.

Any company that is managing a fleet of vehicles has plenty to think about and worry about already. Wetzone Car Wash wants to minimize the stress of keeping your company’s vehicle fleet looking its best as well as maintaining it. We provide you with the service and clean you need. You will consistently receive a well maintained fleet each time as we’ll take care of each vehicle as if it were our own.

Wetzone Car Wash is committed to helping you maintain your reputation and part of that is to keep your vehicle attractive. If your company logo is on your vehicle, it is an image of your business and you always want that vehicle to look its best. It is also going to keep the driver feeling better when they are driving a vehicle that is clean on the inside and outside. People who see your vehicles will always notice if your vehicle is clean or dirty. They often form opinions and impressions based on the vehicle’s appearance..Regular car washes can help you meet the goal of keeping the vehicle looking its best. Proper oil changes and maintenance can help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Let the team at Wetzone Car Wash take care of the details while you enjoy the savings and benefits we provide. Never let a bad impression slip onto the streets again because of a dirty company vehicle. Give us a call and let’s discuss selecting Wetzone Car Wash to take care of your fleet.

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