It’s Time For A Car Wash

How often do you go to the car wash? Do you wait until your vehicle is a mess and desperately needing clean? How often do you invest some time, energy and money into cleaning your car?

Wetzone Car Wash offers unlimited car washes so you can stop in at your convenience and keep your vehicle clean before it is an embarrassing mess.

Not washing your car and letting the dirt pile up can cost you a lot more money in the long run. Some people visit the car wash once or twice a week to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape, and those same individuals have some car detailing service done at least once a month. This frequent customer knows the importance of protecting their investment as well as how much more enjoyable it is to drive a clean vehicle.

Then there’s plenty of people who don’t do anything with their vehicle until it is out of control. They wait until the outside is so dirty that it has become embarrassing. They open the door and trash may begin to fall out. They notice how dirty the floor mats and carpet have gotten and the see the dust covering the dashboard.

You count on your vehicle to be there, ready and working anytime you need it. Despite what some may think, the rain doesn’t wash away the grime covering the outside of your vehicle. It can add more. Every time you drive your dependable car, more dirt accumulates from gravel dust to leaves.

As you park your car, you search for the right spot. This time, you are searching for space where your dirty vehicle won’t stand out. You even pass up a perfect parking spot because a super clean car is parked near it. You find the perfect spot and park beside other dirty cars, so you feel less embarrassed about your dirty car.

Every day your car accumulates more and more dirt inside and out. Wetzone Car Wash is a judgment-free zone, and we understand that vehicles sometimes get neglected. We want to help you get back on track with taking better care of your car and getting to enjoy a clean drive every day.

We’ll contribute to making it easy for you by providing a variety of car wash options and car detailing packages. It will help you get your vehicle looking great on the inside and out. We also have different options to help you maintain keeping it looking great. Our unlimited wash plan will give you the opportunity to visit us as often as you’d like and never have to experience a car that gets so dirty that you look for a parking spot based on dirt accumulation instead of location.

Our best tip for keeping your vehicle clean is to visit us routinely, so your paint finish doesn’t get damaged from dirt. We invest a lot of money in our vehicles, and it’s important for us to take care of them. Wetzone Car Wash cares about you and your vehicle.

When you have your car detailed on a regular basis, you’ll feel better driving it, enjoy it a lot more and you’ll help it maintain a better value. Keeping your vehicle cleaned on a routine basis will help protect its value and appearance. It will help you enjoy your car longer and have better results when it is time to sell it.

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