Make A Good Impression

I once had an employer who said the very last thing he did in an interview was have his potential new hire go to lunch with him. He said he had the candidate drive because he wanted to take a look at their car. When I asked him why he did this he said because “you can learn how a person feels about themselves when you are in their car.” Whether that is true or not I am not entirely certain but I do know that often times we are judged by not only the make and model of the vehicle we drive but also how that vehicle looks.

So what does a clean car say to you about the person driving the vehicle?

Do you take pride in your car? Do you enjoy driving a clean vehicle? Visiting a full service car wash is actually fun and enjoyable because of the great satisfaction of knowing my car is going to shine and look great. It also makes me know that it will give a good impression to others as someone who takes care of something. If you look good, you feel good too and driving a clean vehicle and going to the full service car wash is one great way to do something good for yourself. A full service car wash is going to wet your car, soap your car and clean every section of the exterior. It also gets all dirt away from the wheel walls. This keeps the vehicle looking good and keeps it clean which can help the paint finish and is good for its value.

Then there’s the vacuuming. Get the carpets, floormats and seats clean from any loose debris and dirt.

Visiting a full service car wash is environmentally friendly and a good investment of time and money. You’ll be driving a vehicle that looks good on the inside and out. If you clean it every week or two, you will help it keep a higher value and it will be easier to sell when you are ready. Everyone wants to buy a clean and well maintained car when they are looking for the perfect fit. Investing this time now in visiting the full service car wash can help you get the best price possible and a quick sale too.

Enjoy a clean car and be proud to drive it. Make your visit to the full service car wash something you enjoy and look forward to as the results are so beneficial.

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