No Noses Offended

When they said they would drive, you were excited to travel together and for them to use their vehicle. You knew it would save you a little bit of money.

However, you weren’t prepared for the strange odor as you got into their car. You thought you would get use to the smell but you didn’t on the entire three hour drive.

Have you ever wondered what your vehicle smells like? It’s most likely the first thing someone else notices as they get into your car.

Smell, aromas and odors are part of our lives everyday. We smell the coffee brewing, dinner cooking, perfumes, essential oils, laundry detergents and the wet dog in need of a bath. The smells can be good or bad.

Wetzone Car Wash

Sometimes, odors seem to accumulate in our vehicles. The car sits all day with the doors closed and windows up. Most of the time, we don’t notice the smell in our own cars. Sometimes, there’s an odor and you need help getting it removed. Occasionally, you don’t even know the source of the odor.

The best way to avoid odors in your car is to prevent an odor from happening. Most of us cannot do that because we spend a lot of times in our vehicles and end up eating in our vehicles sometimes, we take the dog or cat in the vehicle and sometimes the kids make messes in the vehicle too. The dog and kids drag things into your vehicle without realizing it and those unnoticed items can eventually create an odor.

Since preventing an odor from occurring is really difficult for most of us, you’ll most likely need to visit the Wetzone Car Wash nearby and let us help you deal with the odor. Otherwise, you’ll be investing in strong air fresheners which won’t eliminate the problem.

At the Wetzone Car Wash nearby, we will use the right products and equipment to eradicate the odor at its source. We will be removing any food particles, hidden nature trail finds, pet hair and cleaning the interior of your car.

It can be embarrassing to drive a dirty car and even more embarrassing to drive a car that smells offensive. Make a good impression by driving a shiny vehicle and remember that other people that you invite to ride with you will notice how your car smells too!

The Wetzone Car Wash nearby has unlimited car washes available. Remember to keep your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis so noses aren’t offended.

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