We All Do It

We all do it. We all make spontaneous decisions. We wait until getting in the checkout line at the grocery to buy a pack of gum, we all pay our taxes at the very last minute and we all wait until the car is dirty and realize that before we go somewhere, we must visit the car wash. We all search google as we want to arrive driving a clean vehicle. We all search google about where to go, what to do, the best gas prices and even the nearest car wash. As you begin to use google and search for the “car wash near me” or the “car wash near my location”, keep in mind, Wetzone Car Wash offers stellar customer service and a quality car wash giving you the choice of which kind of car wash you need this time.

Wetzone Car Wash uses the latest and safest soft touch technology and has a flex car wash environment letting you stay in control of choosing what you need for your car. You don’t have to pay for cleaning items that don’t need cleaned right now. Wetzone Car Wash also has auto detailing and oil and lube services available.

Wetzone Car Wash has three locations for your convenience. As you are looking for the nearest car wash, check out these three locations.

W. Tidwell Road Location
You’ll find our West Tidwell Road location at
7316 W. Tidwell Road, Houston TX 77040

To contact us or to schedule auto detailing at the W Tidwell Road location, please call 713.895.7434

Services offered at the W. Tidwell Road location include car wash and auto detail services.

Highway 6 South Location
You’ll find our Highway 6 South location at 2030 6 S, Houston TX 77077

To contact us or to schedule auto detailing, oil & lube services, please call 281.870.1439

Services offered at the Highway 6 South location include car wash, auto detail, oil and lube services.

FM 2920 Location
You’ll find our FM 2920 location at 6511 FM 2920 Spring TX 77379

To contact us or to schedule auto detailing, please call 832.717.0733

Services offered at the FM 2920 location include car wash and auto detail services.

We hope you’ll find a Wetzone Car Wash near your home, your work, your school or where you love to play. If you do, you will be experiencing getting to decide on an exterior only car wash or a full service car wash. With either of those options, you get to make even more decisions so that you control getting the car wash your vehicle needs. No matter what you decide, Wetzone Car Wash will help you make your car look better.

When your car looks better, you look better too. Your ride will be shiny and clean. It’s much more fun to drive anywhere in a clean vehicle. Wetzone Car Wash delivers a quality product and a positive customer experience each time you visit our nearest car wash.

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