Wetzone Car Wash Offers Details, Car Washes And Is Providing 8 Tips For Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

The team at Wetzone Car Wash is here and ready to serve you. Schedule your detail with us and we’ll help get your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the showroom floor. Stop in anytime for a car wash which will help you feel better, look better and your car will shine too.

The recent destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas is expected to exceed $7 billion in property damage. The storm damaged all types of homes, RV’s, boats, and automobiles.

While anyone reading this is grateful to have survived, the work ahead of rebuilding can be staggering. Wetzone Car Wash is open for business and ready to help you get your car cleaned up and help keep you moving forward.

The last thing you need is delays and inconveniences when placing your claim for your damaged vehicle. With that in mind and with the massive amount of your neighbors near and far who are also making claims right now, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some information and perspective that could make the filing process go smoother.

8 Tips for filing your insurance claim:

If you haven’t already filed your claim, contact your insurance company now to get it completed. While insurers may be able to visit your neighborhood, they have many autos that are already towed and awaiting evaluation.

1.  Be prepared to provide an accurate description of any damages. Yes, we are serious. Most of the damages will be obvious but the more gaps you fill in, the smoother the process. That is what we are after here. We want you to be able to get life back to as close to normal as possible with as few headaches as possible.

2.  Make sure you get a claim number, write it down and hang onto it. This potential hassle up front will save you many headaches in the future as it is the easiest way for a large insurance company to identify your particular case.

3.  Everything is moving slower but be sure to ASK your insurance company when you should expect to hear from an insurance adjuster. Remember, EVERYTHING is moving slower, and that means the wait will be longer than “normal.” It is not the fault of the person who you are speaking with, understandably nerves are raw, but please understand these people more than likely want to help you more than you know.

4.  If you can, make sure you document the damage of your vehicle with photos or video on your phone. Make certain you back up that video or photo to a cloud service so you can share it more easily without using so much of your data.

5.  In your video, photo or email make sure that you provide a lot of important and necessary details. Please provide the date you purchased the vehicle, how much you paid for it, how much you owe on it, who you owe that money to and the best estimate you can on how much mileage and the vehicle condition before Harvey. If you don’t know exact dates and amounts, provide approximates and state that it is your best guess.

6.  As tough as it is, it is important that you keep some records of the conversations between you and the insurance company. Make certain you include the date, time, topic discussed, etc. You also want to get the names of ANYONE you speak to with your insurance company as well as a desk number or email address for that person so you can verify all the chain of communication as it moves forward.

7.  DO NOT simply tow your vehicle to someplace and assume your insurance company will be able to find it with no problem. Communicate with your insurance company first and ask where they recommend you have the vehicle towed. It can save you some time and help you even get a faster response and turnaround.

8.  IF, the area you live in requires you to move the vehicle before you speak with your insurance company, make sure your photographs, video, and notes are as accurate and detailed as you can make them. It ultimately will help you provide the very best information to your insurance company for your claim.

Finally, be aware of what your insurance company is communicating with all of their clients in the Houston area by subscribing to get their text alerts. Many if not most insurance companies use SMS/text alerts to notify their customers of widely shared public information. They also use this same method to help update individual clients of their claim status. So, you will receive messages when you initially make your request as well as when your estimate is completed and then when your payment is scheduled to process or be processed.

Wetzone Car Wash hopes this information is helpful for you, your family and friends in smoothing out the process of filing a claim. We’re here to help you get and keep your car clean and shining. It always feels a bit better to be driving a clean vehicle.

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