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A Wetzone Car Wash customer who purchased an Unlimited Wash Club

The note:

“I noticed our vehicle today as I got out of it for an appointment. This was after searching desperately for a parking spot and a parking attendant directing me to park in an overflow area. My anxiety was already high because after searching for a place to park, I only had ten minutes to get inside the building now. I wish I could have gotten out of the vehicle without noticing my dirty car. I’m used to managing a bit of a mess inside and I’m usually decent at keeping the outside clean. This summer, time is flying and slipping away so quickly. The vehicle has been neglected with all the fun summer activities. Somehow, the vehicle is covered in dust. It looks terrible. It was hard to see the true color. I’m now embarrassed as I hurry inside.

I sit in the training, trying to focus on the materials and thinking, oh, the car also needs an oil change too. When was the last time the vehicle had an oil change? Now, my mind is racing thinking of how to add getting a car wash and oil change after I’m finished with this seminar. I try to remember if I have any car wash coupons anywhere.

Of course, of all times, a colleague asks to go to lunch. As we exit the building, parking is still a nightmare and my vehicle happened to be the one that was easiest to access. Guess what? My embarrassment even increased. Now, it was too late to back out of lunch. It would be rude to say, “oh, you drive too” or “oh, let’s walk further to use your car”. I attempted to enjoy lunch and was determined I was finding the oil change and car wash near me as soon as the seminar was finished.

I found car wash coupons online and when I got to the car wash near my location, I shared my embarrassing experience with the employee who greeted me. They were understanding and recommended I join the Unlimited Wash Club so I could keep my vehicle cleaned more conveniently and maybe without forgetting.

This should make it much easier for me to not neglect our vehicle and without searching for coupons!

The employee cared about my situation and recommended something to provide me with a solution. I admire the problem-solving idea.

I know that I will never be caught in this predicament again. Keeping the oil changed is now done on schedule and my automobile never suffers abuse because of forgetting or busyness. I now take my vehicle to the car wash on a routine basis so it never gets to the point of being embarrassing.”

  • A Wetzone Loyal Customer

We always appreciate feedback from our customers. We have many services available, convenient locations and hours to help you keep your car from ever being embarrassing. It doesn’t matter how new or old your vehicle is, we can all take pride in taking our vehicle to the nearest car wash and enjoy driving a clean vehicle.

The Unlimited Car Wash offers different plans so you can select the one that works best for you to help you best maintain your vehicle. There’s a monthly fee and a great benefit of 15% off other services such as an oil change and auto detailing.

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