Are The Mosquitoes Impacting Your Vehicle?

The weather and standing water have made an unwelcome home for an abundance of mosquitos. While Houston is fighting the mosquitoes, Wetzone Car Wash is removing them from vehicles with full-service car washes, hand car washes and auto detailing.

Mosquitoes everywhere

Mosquitoes are so bad right now that everyone seems to be using insecticides to kill mosquitoes.

We are spraying our bodies and yard. Some of us are sticking with the all natural everything, while some have resorted to even using yard foggers. Many are inquiring about the fancy mosquito misting systems. With all of the humidity and just plain wet everything, Houstonians are in a fight against mosquitoes.

Mosquito bites are dangerous, and the bites and scars on our body are annoying. It’s a real fight, and while only a tiny percentage of mosquitoes are dangerous, it is still something to keep in mind to protect yourself and your family.

Tips to help keep the mosquitos at bay around your home:

Eliminate any standing water that is possible to eliminate in your yard. Perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that you can control and help with includes children’s toys, bird baths, gutters and of course tires.

If there’s always water around a drain or water with a purpose that could be a breeding ground, sprinkle those areas with non-toxic BTI (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis). These granules will kill mosquito larvae.

Keep in mind, many counties and cities are working diligently by spraying to fight against mosquitoes.

Tips to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Apply bug spray lightly containing Deet or Picaridin when you are outside. Use responsibly and only as directed.
  • Wear long sleeves and linen pants when you are outside.
  • Wear light colored clothing.

  • If you see a swarm of mosquitoes, go inside.
  • It is best to avoid being outside when mosquitoes are most active if at all possible. They are most active at early morning and late evening.

Mosquitoes and your car

If their remains are stuck on your vehicle from early morning, evening and night time driving, we can help get them removed. The longer the bugs remain stuck on the surface, the more chance of them damaging the finish. Frequent car washes and regular auto detailing can help.

If they have gotten inside your vehicle, we can help take care of that too. We can provide a car detailing which will include a car interior detailing to make sure your vehicle is free of these insects.

You have several options when you schedule a car detailing service. One of which will get your vehicle back to a near show room appearance. The showroom option will include the following services:  high-speed buff, hand wax, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, clean and condition dash, panels and cup holders, exterior dressing on trim and fender wells and so much more.

Remember, Wetzone Car Wash cares about you and your car. We are working with Houstonians to remove stuck on bugs from your vehicle, so your paint finish doesn’t get damaged.

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