Back To School Car Detailing Services

As we continue cramming summer full of fun, we still have to get ready to get the kids back to school. Road trips have been exciting, and the interior and exterior of the car have some wear for the fun that has been experienced. Sometimes as the reality that it is back to school time hits us, we’re overwhelmed and tired from all of the summer road trips and getaways we’ve enjoyed. You’ll make the waiting in the car time and playing chauffeur patience pass much more comfortable and easier if you are experiencing a vehicle that is meticulously clean inside and out. Our auto detailing services will provide you with a car that is clean, shiny and free from all debris. All of the traces of the summer road trip will be a memory with no evidence of snacks, crumbs or spills.

Wetzone Car Wash

Back To School Auto Detailing Services

If you have leather seats, we will clean and condition them and remove sand, salt and dirt. Our auto detailing services will wash away all of the signs of the wear and tear your vehicle endured. Enjoy the pictures and memories and let us know of any problem areas and we’ll be sure we get the coffee spill cleaned up as well as the Dorito dust left behind.

Wetzone Car Wash

Car Interior and Exterior Cleaning

As you’ve most likely noticed, the interior of your vehicle looks worse than the exterior of your car because of the summer getaway. Everyone piled in and out at every stop, and there’s a lot of dirt, sand, and debris that got tracked in on the floor mats and carpet. Then, there was the sudden stop, and a couple of drinks were spilled. The messes don’t need to hang around as part of our summer fun memories. We use the best car cleaning products to clean your vehicle safely. While the interior of the car obtained the most dirt and debris, the exterior of your vehicle needs a car wash and wax and car detailing service too. Contact us to schedule your auto detailing and get ready to enjoy the upcoming school year to its fullest.

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