Wetzone Car Wash Service Exceeds Expectations

Recently, a first-time customer commented to a team member after their full-service car wash service was complete and said: “this clean has the wow factor.” A longtime customer had referred this new customer. We are happy to provide a “wow factor” clean.Wetzone Carwash

We also had a loyal customer contact us and say they felt they were not listened to when they explained the issue with their vehicle. Our team member said they were hearing and that the point was obvious and they just knew they would take care of it. The team member didn’t mean to appear to be brushing them off or not listening. The team member was attending but felt like the issue was so evident that they merely acknowledged it without much conversation. Apparently, this was not what the loyal customer expected, and we apologized and are working to assure it doesn’t happen again. Our team member will be sure to converse a little more next time.

How does a car wash exceed car wash service expectations?

You may be asking, how does a car wash exceed car wash service expectations? Well, there are several ways we exceed car wash service expectations including a proven track record of happy customers, vehicles leaving our car washes looking clean and shiny, affordable prices, a variety of customizable car wash options and stellar customer service.

Diligence, dedication, and teamwork are paying off for the team at Wetzone Car Wash. Wetzone Car Wash has loyal customers who continually give us the best thanks a company can ever receive which is word of mouth referrals. If our peers, family, and friends are raving about their excellent car wash service experiences, you are more likely to stop in or call. Our growing list of car wash club members also experiences a car wash service that exceeds expectations consistently. We appreciate every one of our returning customers and those who are giving the word of mouth referrals.

There’s no such thing as perfection.

At Wetzone Car Wash, we know we’re not perfect, however, with that said, we do our best to meet or exceed your expectations consistently. There’s no such thing as being perfect 100 percent of the time. If for any reason, you ever have anything other than stellar experiences and shiny car, please contact us to discuss it.

“Wow Factor” Car Wash Service

We take pride in providing excellent service which is more than just a marketing buzz word. At Wetzone Car Wash, our expectation is for you to experience a “wow factor” car wash service along with excellent customer service every time you visit. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations, and if we don’t, we want you to discuss it with us so we have the opportunity to improve so that we can continue to strive to exceed expectations even more! We always appreciate the feedback.

Wetzone Carwash

The team at Wetzone Car Wash works very hard to ensure that you have an experience you want to share with your peers, family, and friends in an excited, confident, and happy tone because we’ve done better than you anticipated! Thanks for trusting Wetzone Car Wash to help you protect your investment.

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