Car Wash Service By The Wetzone Car Wash Nearby

Have you visited the Wetzone Car Wash nearby lately?  When you do, you’ll soon realize our priority is satisfaction. We make sure your auto is well cared for by using high premium products and soaps. We care for you by making sure you have a great customer service experience. We even care about our environment and do our best to make wise decisions for our environment too.

At Wetzone Car Wash, experience quality car wash service each time with the following choices:

Express Car Wash and a free vacuum included with each selection:

  • Express Wash – includes soft cloth extra long tunnel wash, spot free rinse and turbo air dry.
  • Super Wash – includes everything in the Express Wash plus in-tunnel wheel cleaner, triple foam wax, and clear coat conditioner.
  • Ultimate Wash – includes everything in the Express and Super Wash and additionally your vehicle will receive an In-Tunnel Tire Shine and Underbody Wash.
  • Ultimate Hot Wax – This is the Ultimate Wash plus a Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine and RainX All Surface.

Wetzone Car Wash

The Ultimate Wash is our most popular selection. We offer unlimited car wash plans for your convenience so you can keep your vehicle looking its best so you never have to be concerned about a dirty vehicle making a bad impression on you.

Sometimes you need more than an Express Car Wash, so another car wash service available is Full Service Car Wash Packages.

The Full Service Car Wash package selections are:

  • Deluxe – This car wash includes a soft touch long tunnel car wash, interior vacuum, dusting of the console, dash, and cup holder. Your vehicle is also hand towel dryed.
  • The Wheel Deal – This full-service car wash includes the Deluxe car wash plus adds a clear coat conditioner, triple foam wax, your vehicles wheels are finished by hand, and tires are shined by hand.
  • Wheels and Hot Wax – This car was includes the wheel deal and additionally a Simoniz Hot Wash and Wax, underbody rust shield, and RainX on all surfaces.

We understand that having choices of the car wash service that is best for you, your vehicle and your lifestyle is important. We provide a variety of selections, quality clean, and excellent customer service consistently for you. Stop in one of our three locations, call us or even shop online at

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