Wish For, Want Or Need A Car Wash?

At Wetzone Car Wash we want to give you the the car wash you wish for, want and need. We’re not satisfied with being a one size fits all car wash which means you will always get just what you need to keep your car looking its very best and nothing more or nothing less.

We offer you the best of both worlds. What does that mean? It means that while we employ the latest car cleaning technology we also do the things that provide a great human touch for each customer.

When you have your car, truck or van washed at Wetzone Car Wash you can be sure that we will treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were the customer and also that we will always make sure that your car is cared for as good as our own.

One customer story we recently heard is that while at ANOTHER car wash the cars were being put through so close to one another that when a car got to the end of the wash they would have to exit the wash area very quickly to avoid being rear ended by the car behind them. This caused a second problem as the newly cleaned car was forced to go into a cross lane of traffic that they couldn’t always see when exiting the wash area.

That will NEVER happen at Wetzone Car Wash. We only wash one car at a time keeping you and your car safe and clean the entire time you are at any of our locations.

To make sure you always get the car wash you want and need Wetzone Car Wash offers a variety of packages where you select which extras you want or don’t want.

We have four different “EXPRESS” car wash packages depending on the needs of your vehicle and your wishes. You get to utilize a free vacuum service with any purchase of an express car wash.

Our full service car wash packages offer the human touch with hand towel drying, wheels finished by hand and tire shine by hand services being available.

One of our popular car wash services is our hand car wash using a lamb’s wool mitt and we finish it off with a tire shine dressing. It’s a great human touch car wash service we have available to help you customize your car wash wants, wishes and needs.

We offer the convenient and easy tunnel drive through car wash or the hands-on car wash and you get to select the package that works best for you and your vehicle. Come and visit today and experience Wetzone Car Wash.

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