How To Increase The Value-In Trade Of Your Car

It’s great that you have chosen to get yourself a new set of wheels, but there’s still something you need to do. That is to sell your old car either by selling it to an individual or trading it in at the auto dealership. There’s several things you can do to help you get the best deal and to increase your vehicle’s trade-in value. Let’s get started!

Factors that help determine the value of your car

  • The model of the vehicle
  • Year of make
  • Mileage
  • Condition of vehicle

How to Increase Trade-in Value of your Car

Regular Maintenance
You don’t need to empty your pockets to give your car an entirely new makeover. But you should carry out routine and necessary maintenance to keep your vehicle in good shape which increases the value. The repairs you have completed must contribute to adding to the value of the car. You should be able to cover the costs of the repair from selling the vehicle at an increased value because of the repair.

Maintain Records
Keep all details of your vehicle such as documents, receipts, repair slips, and others so these can be reviewed. These documents can prove to the potential customer that you have maintained and cared for your car.

Minor Body Work
Any visible dent, scratch or mark on the body of the car is sure to bring down its value. So before taking it to the dealer, consider having the touch-ups and repair jobs completed to make the body of the vehicle perfect. Dent removal services can be affordable when realizing it can increase the trade-in-value of your car.

Get Your Car Detailed
An easy way to add value is to present a spotless and shining vehicle. To do this, you’ll need to schedule an auto detail service. You can select a show room like clean that will get the interior and exterior of your car in its best condition possible. This sharp looking vehicle will present better at the dealership or in pictures to quickly attract a potential buyer.

Determine The Selling Price
Check the resale value of your vehicle. Decide if the trade-in option offered by a dealer is the best choice for you or not. Different dealers will offer different prices and options when it comes to purchasing your car. You should shop around a bit with various dealers to see find the best trade-in value. Demand and prices vary by location. If the dealer’s deal is a good fit for you, then go for it! If not, after Wetzone Car Wash completes your car detail, take some pictures and get it listed for sale by owner.

Regular Car Washes and Auto Details
Remember, keeping your vehicle maintained as well as having regular auto detail services will increase the resale value of your vehicle. Frequent car washes protects the interior and exterior of your vehicle which also helps your resale or trade-in value. Wetzone Car Wash offers many different car wash and auto detail service packages to meet the needs of people who spend a little or a lot of time driving their cars.

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