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Not all auto detailing experiences are created equal.

At Wetzone Car Wash your detail experience is set apart from the rest because we hold onto our Flex car wash environment, even when you want your vehicles detailed. The first step in the process though starts with a call before you ever get to Wetzone Car Wash. During our conversation we’ll explain to you the options of our detailing packages and you will first need to decide if you want an Express Detail Service or a Full Detail Service. After that, you’ll have even more choices to select based on what you desire and you can even bundle packages to save money.

Car detailing

If you’re looking for a car wash and detail near you, chances are there is a Wetzone Car Wash near you that offers detailing. In fact, we have three convenient locations that offer detailing services.

You already know that we pride ourselves on using the best car detailing supplies, tools and equipment possible so that we are able to deliver a super clean vehicle. We do interior car detailing and remove dirt and grime that you just became use to being part of your vehicle. We don’t always realize how much dust and dirt accumulates with normal everyday use of our car.

Car detailing deals

Everybody is budget conscious which is exactly why we offer our money saving bundle packages to save you $19.97 to $49.97.  As your monthly car detailer, we will help preserve your vehicle to the best of our abilities. By purchasing a monthly Express Detail Service, you will be helping to keep your vehicle looking its best while protecting its value.

Car detailing can help cut down on the normal wear and tear normally seen on your vehicle.

Our car detailing deals will save you money over purchasing the car detailing supplies, doing all of the work yourself and for repairs of the paint finish and interior surfaces in the future. We realize that dirt, insects, dust and salt will harm the paint finish over time and also can damage the carpet, dashboard and upholstery.

Your vehicle is more comfortable to spend time in when it is clean whether it’s a short trip or a road trip.

Full detail services

Our full detail services offer three selections. The first option has a synthetic sealer hand wax and exterior dressing on trim and fender walls. The second option includes the benefits of the first option and adds a high speed buff and clay treatment to to remove micro scratches and overspray. The third option includes the benefits of the first and second options and additionally offers interior cleaning of the carpets and seats which includes shampoo or leather conditioner. The third option also includes cleaning and conditioning the dash, panels and cup holders.

Detail your car

Call us to detail your car. Get it on the calendar and make it happen. Things happen better once they are scheduled and not just on a to do list.

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