Get A Clean Car With Every Car Wash

We take pride in being able to provide each customer with a clean car each time they visit any of our convenient car wash locations. The quality of car washes is consistently maintained each day at each nearby car wash. We understand and have a process implemented so we can check and maintain our equipment and supplies to provide each customer with a consistently clean car. This helps assure that even when we are busy, there are no corners cut and each car wash results in a shiny and clean car.

Car Wash Quality Factors

Right Equipment

Wetzone Car Wash uses the latest equipment and technology. This enables them to deliver a quality clean with each car wash. You can count on friendly service from any of their three convenience car wash locations.

Wetzone Carwash

Right Products

We use an established brand, Simoniz which is the leader in car wash products. They are the oldest car care brand in the United States. When you get your car wash, you can rest assured we are taking care of your vehicle as we would our own by providing great products and care.

Wetzone Carwash

Right Temperature

The temperature of the water is another factor which we monitor to provide consistently clean cars. Specific functions and products require the right temperature of water to do the best job. When you bring your car to us, we take care of using the right product at the right time and at the right temperature.

Wetzone Carwash

The Right Amount

Wetzone Car Wash also uses the right amount of friction and pressure to carefully clean the surfaces of your vehicle. The materials used are continuously and properly cleaned and lubricated. This assures they will lift dirt away and clean each vehicle safely. The perfect amount of pressure is applied to deliver the results necessary cautiously. Both friction and pressure are important factors to achieve the results of a consistently clean vehicle from the car wash with each visit.

Wetzone Carwash

Right Time

Each of the products requires a specific amount of time to be able to clean properly. When you are at a car wash, each of these products is put on, diluted and washed away on a timed basis to deliver a clean car. The timing of the automatic car wash is another important factor which most people never even consider.

Wetzone Carwash

Water Quality

Another factor that is frequently overlooked is the quality of water used for a car wash. Wetzone Car Wash utilizes a process to recycle water and also to use pure water for each car wash. If hard water or water that has not been purified is used, one visible result everyone will be quick to notice is spots.

Wetzone Carwash

Wetzone Car Wash takes pride in caring for our customers, their cars, and delivering consistently clean cars from each car wash location.

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