Ready To List Your Vehicle For Sale?

Auto detailing is a deep clean for your vehicle. It’s much more than a car wash. Scheduling an appointment will mean your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. It is a meticulous step-by-step procedure to restore as much of its original beauty as possible.

Wetzone Car Wash provides you the opportunity to select the auto detailing package that’s perfect for your needs.

Express Detail Services

For those who wish to have their vehicle kept in showroom condition quality all the time, Wetzone Car Wash offers express auto detailing with four different packages as well as a bundle and save program.

Full Detail Services

For everyone else, there are three packages available which are: Synthetic Sealer Wax, Restoration or Showroom. The Showroom Full Detail Service includes a soft tunnel car wash, clear coat conditioner, triple foam wax, wheels finished by hand, tire shine by hand, hot wax and shine, underbody wax shield, spot free rinse, hand towel dry, high speed buff, synthetic sealer hand wax, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo or leather conditioner, clean and condition dashboard, panels and cup holders and exterior dressing on trim and fender walls. That’s a lot of auto detailing and will have your vehicle ready to list for sale.


Auto detailing typically takes several hours depending on the condition of your vehicle. Results do vary based on the age and condition of the vehicle, however auto detailing makes a big difference on all vehicles even if it is older and very dirty.

Increase Resale Value

We have all heard that auto detailing can increase resale value of your vehicle when the time comes to sell it privately or to trade it in on a new vehicle.

Listing Your Vehicle For Sale

If you’re ready to list your vehicle for sale privately, schedule an auto detailing appointment at Wetzone Car Wash.

This is a cost effective method of quickly improving your chances of getting your asking price. If we go shopping for a car at a dealership, the vehicle will be detailed before we even see it. We’d never walk into a dealership and test drive a used vehicle with coffee splashes on the steering wheel and french fries on the floor in the backseat.

Impress the person coming to see your vehicle by have it detailed before you even post the pictures. Take quality pictures of the exterior and interior. Show off the shine and debris free vehicle.

When they come over, they will love the fresh smelling vehicle and will be given a wow factor at how immaculate your vehicle looks.

Auto detailing will take your vehicle from looking okay to looking outstanding! It’s a small investment which you can easily recoup. It will help you negotiate the best price with a super clean and shiny vehicle. This is a kind of clean that cannot be done DIY style.

As your prospective buyer takes a look at your vehicle, they will be impressed to see a vehicle that looks near “show room” quality with clean carpets, clean seats and no dirt, dust or debris.

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